Alemayehou  Gabremedhin
Painter/ Sculptor, Graphic Designer, 
6440 Northanna Dr.
Springfield, Va. 22150
Contact......703-971-0259 Stuido.....
703-589-7111 cell

Art Education
School of Fine Arts, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1969
 Howard University School of Fine Arts, Washington, DC. 1974
Additional Role:- Sculptor  / Graphic Designer / Interior Decorator

phone...703-971-0259 Studio  or 703-589-7111 Ce

Al... Lives in Springfield VA and has studio and private Art Gallery.


​                         AL's preference is painting, on Canvas or paper almost on anything available involving the use of Acrylic or Water color often accentuated with mix media. He uses a variety of processes and tools to constructing, deconstructing and then constructing to achieve the final piece. He believes that all colors go together and also have a healing effect. All his paintings are personal and have a story behind them and are expressed in response to his everyday interaction within the universe. He has always had a great love for art; and he has been fascinated by the colors, patterns and designs of -Ethiopian traditional weaving of Embroidery " Tibebe " and began working and experimenting with it 45 years ago!

        The actual construction of his work is a composition of embroideries including painting Quilting and print making process blending the old and the new. These works give him a sense of identity, and Alemayehou is the first Ethiopian Artist to transform Embroideries “ Tibebe” into Traditional Abstract Contemporary Modern Art. Actually he has developed his own free style techniques and  continued to expand his own innovative interpretations of Ethiopian Embroideries into compositions of colors and forms as a core element in his paintings.  Alemayehou said the medium " Tibebe " Embroidery, became a central instrument to his work and he became fascinated with the work of  Weavers " Shemanye " and the Embroideries  " Tibebe "has similar effects as the brush strokes in his paintings. 

          He said the image speaks for themselves in a visual language to the viewers, his sensual use of form and color- testifies to the visual power. He also feel a sense of accomplishment for the feeling these paintings bring in their presence. The results are not pictures of things but things by themselves, Names and titles may be clues to the iconography of the images, the patterns he uses are basic Ethiopian symbols like the so many different crosses, Axum tower, Lalibela, Gonder castle, and etc. He tryes to blend the beauty of Ethiopians and Africans traditions with contemporary style to express universal themes.

    He has spent his entire career working to perfect his talent as a multi- medium Artist.  But as he began to explore other mediums, He discovered that each has its own unique and distinctive characteristics. 

        He has also been influenced by a variety of sources from African woodcarvings and textiles. American Music has been another major influence in his works especially jazz. He is not shy of colors and so his paintings will always celebrate them, and he has always inspired by colors that convey different moods. He thinks art is something you express thru your work it is not something you always talk about it. He only ask the viewers to try too identify with the colors and shapes to get a sense of harmony.

        He believes Art is a medium best suited as a form of expression represented by one’s work and his interest in traditional Ethiopian and African clothes has been integrated in various ways into his paintings to create a visual experimentation that also incorporates sounds, textures and rhythms of jazz, For him the challenge is to capture the sound of Music!

       He's motivated by colors and his process involves a lot of experimentation by using Embroideries-Brushes and various types of tools. He began weaving technique paintings 45 years ago and he is constantly finding new and exciting variations / definitions of what Embroidery is about, and what could be done with it, and contrasting in colors, pattern, and texture, these two media explore a craft process that allows him for endless compositional color of images. He enjoys his playful approach to pattern and color exploration and his work is a combination of mixed media; paint and textile. He uses the traditional technique of  hand- weaving ideas to create painting and after many years of research he developed a new unique technique incorporated within his work, which resulted traditional abstract forms to depict  in a new style of painting that you have never seen before.

        He likes the use of bold color to express emotion and compositional strength in his paintings. He is an ambitious and creative Artist, constantly looking for new tools and mediums, to exploring new horizons. His works is geometrical and inviting to viewers because of his vibrant composition of colors. His work express movement with forms and colors to extend meanings beyond that.

        His distinctive traditional Abstract style has evolved over a fine arts carrier spanning for over 45 years. He had worked in multiple media, believing that each has its own unique capacity to give visual language to his work. Later he start to make a careful or detailed search for information about his past deeply into his spiritual self searching for his own voice. If you are seeking a connection the connection can be  intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

        Alemayehou just want you to look at abstract Art with the same open mind. There is no need to know exactly what the artist is saying or what the painting is supposed to be about in order to appreciate it !  

                       African Art Collector  

              Gallery owner and Film producer

                          Asrat Getahun