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Artist Statement


                                   My Art is an Ethiopian American Abstract Art!

     I believe art is a state of mind, and there are no limits to my art, and that is why I seek to incorporate it into all aspects of my life by utilizing mixed media art, my main medium is mixed media and collage as well as work with watercolors, acrylic, pencils, pastels, and more.     

​        My creative process allows me to release stress and enjoy myself through my art and I have learned to transfer ideas and visions to the canvas with a focus on preserving our spiritual, cultural, and historical heritages in a dignified manner. I am trying to express jazz in the work of visual art and in combination with modern images and abstract motifs.

              My artworks are strongly influenced by music, and my works are melodies performed in textured forms, brilliant in colors, and exciting in design. My abstract work transformed music into art, Art into human expression, and human expression into the rhythm of life, which explores identity, culture, and tradition through textiles embroidery. I have always loved painting and it is the only way that I have been to express myself freely. Incorporating the use of rich colors has developed into a pattern throughout my work as well as experimenting with areas of texture that contrast flatness.                         

                         My inspiration comes from the myths and legends of different Ethiopian cultures, as well as traditional embroidery and textile designs.  I became fascinated with the work of weavers "Shemanye "the medium Embroidery "Tibeb " became a central instrument in my work and the Embroideries have similar effects as the brush strokes in my paintings. I was raised in a culture that focused on the community and my work is reflective of these traditions, values, and beliefs. What I have been visualizing in my paintings are Ideas of childhood memories and reactions to events in my life. My paintings are an extension of my feelings, emotions, and experiences as I expressed in my work with a brushstroke. I don't feel the need to capture everything exactly as it exists in so-called reality to appreciate space and form from imaginative, spiritual, or emotional connection, and the connection can be intellectual.        

                        As an artist, my work is an endless search for discovery, reflective thinking, and invention based on my Ethiopian African heritage. I make art for love with pleasure and pride. The symbols and figures used are east African. I combine American influence with a dedication to African tradition. In my recent experiments with Embroideries from the Ethiopian National dress, the presence of these bright, colorful, traditional patterns is an abstract symbol of Ethiopian and African heritage. Through the dramatic use of Acrylic and watercolor paint, I blend warm colors into vibrant and symbolic images in order to preserve Ethiopian heritage and African culture for future generations.  

       My Art is a direct response to my interaction with the universe. We are connected with nature and with each other. As an artist, my first responsibility is to myself. I paint for the pleasure of painting. When I create, I dream; and when I dream, I am alive. Art is calming and inspirational. With my paintings, I show the fragility of a culture filled with humanity, dignity, and beauty. I have always felt great love and respect for art. I believe its beauty makes us happy and gives us a sense of mortality.  My work is a personal statement about my beliefs, concerns, and perceptions I am very happy to share with you.                                                                                                                        Artist  Alemayehou  Gabremedhin


                                                                                                                              Studio......703 971 0259

                                           Direct......703 589 7111










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